Friday, October 22, 2010

Pizzeria Starita

Another night in Naples, and another pizza to be eaten. Tonight, I ventured north into the Mater Dei neighborhood to visit Starita, which was recommended by my generous hosts as Molino Caputo.
The Quattro Stagioni at Starita

I ordered the Vino Veneto Bianco Frizzante... the local white wine, which is served frizzante (slightly effervescent) and also the Quattro Stagioni to eat (the pizza is divided into four sections, each representing one of the four seasons). This is one of those classic pizzas we hear about but I had yet to try it outside of my own house.  It is to be topped with four different ingredients on each quadrant of the pizza - mushrooms, ham/prosciutto, olives, and artichokes. This is the classic quattro stagioni. Unfortunately, I think they did not have artichokes, so I had a mozz + tomato for the 4th season. The pie was really good. The crust was perfect although my butter knife did not cut through it as easily as at da Michele. Nonetheless, the crust was excellent in flavor, loft, and char-speckling. I was quite pleased by the end of the meal... and full. I ate about 95% of the pie and would have eaten more, but they threw anchiove on with the olives and it was just too salty for me.
After the meal I was walking down the road and spotted a delivery vespa sitting outside Pizzeria Centenaria. There are so many vespas in this town, and these guys rigged their vespa for delivery. I loved it... a great idea, and maybe one for pizzicletta (sub a bike for a vespa).
The vespa-delivering pizza mobile at Centenaria.


  1. So of the three which was best? Pizzarias, I mean. Your account of meeting the Caputo people brought tears to my eyes....

  2. Hi Sue! da Michele was the best. The crust was amazing. As I stated, my butter knife went right through it without effort and the flavor was best. I have some work to do to match it!

  3. Caleb, we told you about the Soup Peddler in Austin, right? It would be great for you to apply that concept to pizzicleta!