Sunday, November 14, 2010


earlier today at San Galgano, a 13th century Abbey
No, this is not a post about a gentleman's club pizzeria, although I am thinking about trademarking the name. Nope... sorry guys. This is a post that is essentially a photo collection of wood-fired ovens (forno) that I've spotted along my trip. Someone got away with Food Porn, so I figure I could use the photo-concept here. Hopefully, I have not insulted or disgusted you, but rather have hit some Freudian-desire to read on.
In Italy, wood-fired ovens (herein referred to as forno or forni) are everywhere, and I mean in both space and time. I've seen forni in the south and in the north, in backyards and in pizzerias, and in communities and structures built thousands of years ago to some built in the last ten years. I love this fact. Such an ancient way of cooking that has lasted so long and is still in use so widely and frequently. I suppose I have a special affection for forni and for the masons behind their construction because of my own blood, sweat, and tears that went into the construction of my forno. So, enough of the fornoplay, I give you PornForno. The images are, to the best of my abilities, in chronologic order of their construction.
Pompeii, circa 1 AD
Pompeii, circa 1 AD (rotate head... sorry)
Pompeii, circa 1 AD
Pompeii, circa 1 AD
San Galgano, circa 1300 AD
Sesti estate, circa Renaissance
da Michele, circa 1870. The oven is in the background. Actually, I don't know the oven's age but the pizzeria has been there since 1870.
Vecchio Forno, circa 1990
Vesi, Napoli, circa 2000
Il Portatico, Venosa, circa 1995
Cibo, Phoenix, circa 2005

Flagstaff, circa 2008

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