Thursday, November 18, 2010

Passo della Futa

Today was the last day on the bike. Perhaps most appropriately, it was a battle the whole day. I loved it. I hated it. Through it all, I was feeling and when not breathing too heavy, shivering too quickly, or taking quick glances through the gazetteer, I was reflecting on the trip.

crossing into Emilia-Romana
The ride was about 115 km. With all the ups and downs, I estimate that there was roughly 4000 ft of climbing. I had to pass over the Mugello Mountains, which is the mountain range separating Toscana and Emilia-Romana. To do so, I went through Passo della Futa, about 903 meters a.s.l. I really wanted to get a nice shot at the pass, but the pass was completely socked in with fog and rain. At the pass, I'd estimate temps around 35-40 F. I wasn't sure if I'd see snow or not.
So one thing I thought about on the bike today is how the days spent cycling were really rewarding. Every night, looking at the map to see the ground I covered. That was a good feeling. But also, how I feel like I saw a lot each day. And, as I've mentioned previously, this is not a lot of famous or cool sites, but the details. When you plan a trip, you really don't think about these kind of every day occurrences. You structure your trip around cities and sites you want to see. Basically you identify destinations and this is a good way to plan a trip for logistics. I plan my own trips in the same way. So one thing I thought of today is how it'd be great to make the trip the destination. I think I have managed to do that here, even with all the prearrangements I had. One way was to cancel those reservations! but also to just go with the flow, take time to smell the flowers, and stop more often for photos or some pastry that I just couldn't pass up. In this way, maybe I saw something I would not have, met a little old lady baker that made me smile, or be questioned by old men in the street about my bike or the trip. This were those little things that we have no control over, but also have to be open to.
Well, just a short post today to comment on some thoughts during the ride. It was definitely bittersweet to arrive in Bologna. Here a few pics from the ride that I'll leave you with for the day.
Purty country.
Back side of Passo Futa. Nice roads! but wet today.

post ride caffe and raisin-pecan crostada

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  1. A lovely paean to a great trip. I'll miss these blogs.