Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Performance Enhancing Drugs

My next two posts will be about food since lately I've been writing about the cycling and logistics. So, here is the first one I call "Performance Enhancing Drugs." Its more of a slideshow than anything else.
We all know how cycling is plagued with drug doping. Well, I do drink vino or birra with most dinners... but I don't think anyone has ever claimed that they are performance enhancing. So, to keep me going out there, here are a some photos of what I might find cranking in my veins. View and weep.
pane al pescatore.. a local specialty in Matera
I must've eaten half a dozen of  these
a panina in Foggia.
I was so hungry when I got this in my hands.
Me: 1 - Panini: 0
focaccia con pomodori
some of the best grapes I've eaten...
these in Lecce
crostada di nutella. this should be made illegal.
enjoyed this one on the very bottom of  the heel in Puglia
the Italian breakfast of champions
a croissant jam-packed with nutella
the outside of this panini had this dusting of sea salt and olive
oil that left me licking my fingers for hours.
these little nuggets have a nice, olive rich surprise inside

this panini had a tomato, cipolla (red onion), and olive tapenade in it.
very savory. I think it was lunch in Lecce.

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  1. i'd normally be jealous, but i had lunch at pane bianco yesterday and even thought ahead and brought myself an extra lunch home for today. so there!